our story

HYBOX INDUSTRIAL has been established in 2007 as a little, however very ambicious project of two brothers who have decided to create “anything” better than the others. Growing up among steel mill’s chimneys and coal heaps they have noticed the beauty of practical, industrial solutions and found there unlimited and fully available source of inspiration to create their own ideas. And so the first forms inspired by industrial design were born, which over time were noticed and aappreciated also by others.


2007 – establishing the company

2008 – purchase of the equipment for metal treatment

2009 – first delivery to commecial client

2010 – implementation of 2-D CAD software for designing

2011 – purchase of welding equipment for stainless steel

2014 – first project abroad

2015 – implementation of 3-D CAD software for designing

2016 – purchase of professional welding table with dedicated tools

2017 – execution of the hundredth project

2018 – ?